Chemicals can be a touchy subject when it comes to your pool. It’s very important to keep the correct balance of chemicals. Occasionally you may have specific problems, such as algae. Whatever your needs, our staff can help you determine the best option for you. Please, feel free to bring in a sample of your pool water. We can test it for you while you wait and inform you on the proper mix of chemicals needed to balance your pool.

Follow these tips to ensure the safe handling and storage of swimming pool and spa chemicals.


Follow manufacturer’s directions, reading all labels carefully and following directions precisely.

Do not mix chemicals together, as chemical reactions, toxic fumes, explosions or a fire may occur. Add each chemical to pool water separately.

Always add chemicals to water, rather than adding water to chemicals.

Always use exact quantities specified, never more.

Use caution when storing and displaying chemicals. Store chemicals in a cool, drive and well-ventilated space and keep chemicals away from heaters or open flames.

In case of a chemical spill, always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Be sure that no contaminant is present, provide ventilation, and clear the area of children and other people. Always wear protective gear like rubber gloves and safety glasses, and use only clean, dry brooms, shovels and containers. Never use a vacuum cleaner. Separate spilled material from original container, and never put spilled material in any sewer or stream.